Sunday, July 18, 2010


could not ask for a better start to the week.
I just had 3 lessons back to back for 3 different school.
Got to share the 1st one with you:

Place -Kenneth George School,Kempepura,Hebbal.

I reached the school and saw the morning assembly about to start.There was a group of 500 students all smartly cleanly dressed (ofcourse its because its monday :).Around 15 teachers standing face to face infront of their class line respectively.Extra ones standing at their back.And me (tall, dark and ??) guy standing at the back of with all the attention from the small ones i was trying to be normal(tough haan...).And then There were a small group of IX and X std students who were ready to lead the group assembly in the following:

--a song--"the steafast love of the lOrd never ceases"..
--questions --who is the father of geometry :(
--announcements - by the principal.
---(did i mention the song "ggooooooooddddddmmmmornnnniiinnnng ssssssssiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr):)
--the pledge--India is my country
--the national anthem --Jana gana Mana..
--Then the breaking of assembly and waiting in queue for your turn to go to your class

you know it was fun fun fun unlimited.
In a flash i was taken back to my school days 12 years back when i last attended a school morning assembly.
I tell you again its fun with all the setting..
I did it all...this time i went to 5th std.(as a teacher of course)

Man for amoment imagine that there passes a law by the Indian govt.that all the factories ,govermenet and private companies are to follow this practice..
I can only imagine...

--a song--"the whole thing is that sabse bada rupaiya"..
--questions --who invented money :(
--announcements - by the CEO.
---(we sing the song too "ggooooooooddddddmmmmornnnniiinnnng ssssssssiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr):)
--the pledge--India is my country
--the national anthem --Jana gana Mana..
--Then the breaking of assembly and waiting in queue for going to your own cabins..

Sounds boring/ interesting
Let your imaginations fly..

but for now....
its the bell- tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan
( period is over):)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 17- UNO !!!

Ever noticed why and how many time most celebrities in a TV interview say these 2 words "YOU KNOW"......You know...UNO..:(

You know i tried to use the same words intentionally in my talking to people but i was not comfortable because actually i found out the time i said "you know" was the time when actually "I dint know" what i was how is the listener supposed to know when i myself dont know what i am talking about..I mean you know and me know that there are smart people who will understand even what u dont speak but then, presuming that they know what even u dont know is know..

Now u must be wandering what this "nut" guy is trying to say here on the blog today ,does he really know or not?? actually you got me there...i really dont know what point i want to drive here..but it happens i guess when you have lost in touch with ur fans/followers for a long time and trying to put up the habit of blogging again..for now i feel like a celebrity who does not know but expects his fans to know..:)u know

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Seen this add from Nokia:
(dint get the first line)............,
Passion and Presentation dont go hand in hand...
Now getting everything and not giving up anything go hand in hand..
Presnting you the new NOKIA________

WOW!! Boy, do i love those lines? Oh Yes I do:)
My passion in life is teaching and preaching.I have found it out..
Over a period of years what gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure is when i am teaching into peoples life.Oh what a fulfillment i get when i do that.
And with this i also testify that line:
"Passion and Presentation dont go hand in hand..."
I dont remember the day when i could present the lesson the way i had prepared it.

Always our passion for a thing supercedes the way we express it.
ANd a good way to find out what your passion is to see the things/areas where your Heart overtakes your head.That is what drives you,thats what pushes you,and that is your passion for life.And yes for starters i can tell you without Passion you are not living Life you are just bearing it...(see i got into teaching again...cant help,u see)..

on the last note :
Now getting everything and not giving up anything go hand in hand..

"forget it, things that you get without giving up anything does not hold a high price in your life, atleast for me it doesnt".....what say you??

Saturday, June 19, 2010

DAY 15 -GROW UP !!

"Grow up"..
At different stages of life I heard this word , each one meant differently.

--WHen i was 8 yr old i remember as i was the elder one, i was asked evry time to GROW UP, i.e in compared to my younger brother.Which would emphatically mean dont be mischevious as your younger bro.You aree supposed to be elder,so behave decently.

--When i was in my teens say class 10, i was asked to GROW UP , this time meaning that i should stop playing cricket too much and concentrate on my studies.

-- then the GROW UP when i was in my engineering studies where my parents,relatives, friends all alike meant the same i.e get serious with your future,dont play like a child,BE A MAN, grow up.

Now all this thought dawned on me in a very unlikely place,The BARBER SHOP,as they say SALOON.This happened when the barber who was cutting my hair was a short guy .I dint notice it till i saw his hand moving very slowly. I asked "kya bhai ,form mein nahin ho"...he answered back "nahin! bhai aap bahut bade ho isliye mera haat nahin pahunch raha hai"

In english--WHat happened you seem out form ,for ur hands moving so slowly,
To which he replied--NO boss, you are too big for me, thats why my hands are not reaching your head.
NOw me again-- they were my childhood days when i used to go my barber and he would place a "Plank" on the chair for me to which i have to sit, coz i was too small for the chair.( i know you too sat on planks :)...And now after 27 years, this barber tells me pls lower down or sit a bit low coz the chair is too small for you...

WOW !!! i have grown up.Finally if not my parents but atleast the barber told this,though in diff. context i know, but I am happy to hear the words "YOU HAVE GROWN UP" :)...yaeee...yaeeee

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 14 - WHAT THE CRY !!!

FIFA World cup is on, but to me its not living according to my expectation.Yesterday Brazil won at 01:30 hrs IST.Now thats too late i know, but my second fav nation to win world cup after Spain is Brazil,so... But all these matches are low scoring games and the teams who are lesser ranked are giving a fight to much ranked teams.....just makes me think how patriotism for a country can be so high on a sports field...

I saw this player form korea cry in front of the whole world while his national anthem was being played.I knew it would be on papers all around and it was.But this guy was the toughest player on field.He is known as "baby elephant" for his sheer power and force.But here he was overwhelmed by the occasion and could not hold himself from crying. What made this big bully cry..come on man u r a man u r supposed to be strong.-the world of men would say

That makes me conclude todays thought : REAL MEN CRY !!!
because i too cry and i have learnt from great men that they did shed tears over something that they were passionate for.i can expound this thought a lot more but for now let me just add PASSIONATE REAL MEN CRY :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

DAY 13 - CLOUDS !!

I dint blog yesterday.
And you wont believe how many people and friends alike were concerned and missing my post...........
Ans--> NONE....:(
But Sorry guys i cant disappoint you anymore i am back again with my blogging ways :)

"13" is not a unlucky for me.But the subject i chose CLOUDS is.
Thought dawned on me as i watched the continuous clutter of dark clouds that travelled over my head this sunday evening .I was taking a stroll in my roof when i saw this beautiful display of heavens playground.
Clouds moving from north to east with this steady blow of heavy wind..If you r in bangalore u wud know what weather i am talking about...As far as your eyes wud go u wud see clouds-big dark and heavy but being tossed from their place in matter of seconds and in minutes they are seen no more.And in all this there were short glimpses of the mighty sun in its background standing as if nothing mattered to him...The clouds were covering the sun for moments but then the sun never lost its patience it continued to be there.It didnt try to play hide and seek..As if the Sun is saying i have WIND on my side which wud take all you weak clouds to place where you would be seen more"

Reminds me of a SMS that i got days back...."Dont look and worry at the clouds that you see now but try to focus on the SUN that you see always" me that play in the heavens spoke to me a powerful truth that many books would have taken weeks to speak.

For now i got Clouds (read questions,doubts,uncertainities) over my life (head) but let me focus on the SUN (read Lord Jesus) who has got the wind (read POWER) on his side.And i will see the bright clear sky with the sun signing very soon.....Halleluiah!!
PS: Your comments on my CLOUDS are highly appreciated :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

DAY 11 - FREEDOM !!!

"Freedom is my birth right and i will have it"
.....Bal Gangadhar Thilak

Working infront of a 15" inch desktop for 5 days* 8 hrs makes me sometimes question my freedom.All my life to just sit at one place and gaze and a monitor..CRazy!!wonder if any one got so much of my attention in my whole lifetime.If i had just given 1/1000th of this attention to a lady i would have got married by now:). But for now thank God for giving me imaginations (crazy most times) that are free.I mean wonder how many times have my thoughts roamed freely when physcially i am in front of this machine called computers.

Right now my mind is travelling to S.Africa.The worldcup fever has caught on me and i am loving it.Amazing how one "BALL" can bring the world together.Billions and millions of peoples eyes will be on the FOOTBALL for the next month.Phew!!! imagine if only the BALL knew it , it would lose its gravity and only fly in air... :)and never on the ground.Rightly for now the ball is inflated with air.:)
And yes i thank God for my nations indepenedence and then my souls independence.
If i were not free how would i think like this...

Surely Freedom is my birth right and I am having it.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The artist Damian Hirst recently said this: "Why do I feel so important when I'm not? Nothing is important and everything is important. I do not know why I am here but I am glad that I am. I'd rather be here than not. I am going to die and I want to live forever, I can't escape that fact, and I can't let go of that desire."

The desire to feel important, to believe that you matter to the world around you. Man but do i struggle with extremes of this thought.Sometimes i feel i am the "only one" in my world and quite often as if i am a "no one" in my own world..Oh that i would learn to balance between the "ONLY ONE" and "NO ONE" worlds.I do have a philosophical take on this which i cannot put in simple words,but the day i find a simple way, i will put it here....

but for now I AM GLAD THAT I AM ALIVE AND I HAVE A WORLD...yae yae yae..

Day 9 - CHECKMATE!!!

My blood group is O+ve. and i am always positive :) I see only the brighter things( not only the brighter side of things)..But then again Life is always bigger than an individual.And now i am in that place,where Life is winking at me.

To admit i am "checkmate" by Life.Any move i make from here without surety i will be danger of further trouble..Thank God life is not like a chess game..SO all i can do is wait for something to happen..circumstances to change,people and places to change, and hope in midst of all this that I dont change :(...

FOR now my blood group is still O+ve,and no one can change it :)

Monday, June 7, 2010


Was thinking on what basis is one paid/not paid for ones job:

1) is it the time
2) the work he does
3) the person he is
4) for the sake of paying :(

Wondering where will i be paid the highest.Surely no. 3) the person I am..:)what about you?

And to think deep can anyone really pay me for who i am.I mean who can ascess my worth but the one who made me. I mean when we buy something we look at the pricetag sticked to it by the manufacturer, check the quality (ISO/ISI) and then pay it..

WHAT IS MY PRICE i worth bargaining for..If I am on the auction sale as in a freelance player(IPL style) what kind of people will buy me and for what kind of work....:(
Phew!! i know the answer...kind of funny and scary too...WHAT ABOUT YOU????

Thought extracted from Mark 8:37 --What can a man give in exchange of his life??

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I missed the FRENCH OPEN FINAL and so i missed RAfeeq Nadal playing...

HE WON HE WON HE WON but without me...WOnder how much he would have missed me :)
I would love talking about this guy..RAfeeq reminds me of the carton i used to watch and the song...

"Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai,
arre chadi pehen ke phool khila hai,phool khila hai".
.............doordarshan sunday 9 am.1990s

MOgli(the jungle boy)..i like this carton because this boy had a wild side to him.He did things what is in his heart with a passion and zeal.He would never give up and give his best ...and he was WILD at HEART.

Even Rafeeq NAdal is the same.HE IS WILD AT should see the way he would run after evry ball, grunt at some shots, and play some real wild shots without fear...

I have learnt to BE WILD AT HEART from these guys,i love it...try it ...BE WILD AT HEART...:)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 6 - DILEMMA !!!

I am very optimistic in all i think of.

BUt times when i am in a Dilemma between chosing the best among the goods.., thats where you got to see the negative side of your possibilties. Truly i wish someone would take all the decisions for me all thetime for all my life..:), life would have been so very simple task."JUST DO IT"--what ur Guide HERO tells you to do....And at the end if he screws it up blame him and let him face the brunt of your anger,depression..whatever..BUT ALAS!! consequences you have to bear...

Ever seen a juggler who juggles between many things(knife,bottles,balls,his eyes too:) with his 2 hands.One time he can have only 2 things in his 2 hands rest of the things he has to toss in the air.

Even life i believe throws at you many balls at one time and you got to decide which you got to keep in your Life at one time and which one you got to toss in the air for sometime ahead. The decision is difficult when you dont know what time you should throw the good one that is in ur hand to make way for the best one which is not in ur hand.

At every cycle you should be prepared and ready to cheerfully allow the good one to make way for the best one and then again the after some season the best one will become good to make way for a even better PLAY WELL :)

But for now i in a Dilemma...cant share but will dare to next time..:)


oh how i love the first rain on the monsoon....

here it rains every evening...its predictable...who says u cant get your weather prediction right..:)

talking on predicting...imagining whether life would be boring if it gets predictable..It would i the other day on my friends blog"Life is unpredictable"..and i believe thats how it should be...its fun to be unpredictable,
thats y i love any sport..thats why i hate if any match is if u feel cheated isnt it...??..

UNPREDICTABILTY adds spice to my life..and I am loving it..the monsoon and my Life ...yepeeee

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


"When life is at stake and the answer is within reach,
thats when you see human DESIRE ummasked in all its desperation..."

dwelling on his thought the whole day........

1)in between flashed news that Mamta banerjee won elections in West BEngal defeating the 32 yrs rule by Left communist front...WOMAN POWER.....ooooooo

2) TATA NANO will be producing 1 car every minute in teir new setup plant in Gujarat..
phew what not MAN POWER can do......ayeeeeeeeee

Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 3-- FACIAL ??

Ever noticed Some ppl. after they take bath they look so fresh.Everything they wear looks clean too.:)..But as per my routine when i looked into my face today i found its downcast and looked black.Though i was wearing clean,it dint make a difference.:(

There are times when you see your face and you say "this is the best a man can get."
And then there are times when you scare yourself and wish you could see better.
Remember the days when being a hero in the school,getting a pimple (even a boy) was so embarrassing, add to that the kind of reasons ur "Smart friends" would give for your pimple...grrrr..

As the new Shahid kapoor fairness cream add says--"I spent 5 mint" on my face everyday....John Abrham will say "Take Care"..gariner...and Shah rukh will sheepishly say "Gora bannan kitna aasan"...

But now I dont CARE...i really dont..coz over the period , say after getting to know God and then myself, all that matters is what u r inside...And i do believe even real people see that and respect that....WHAT U R INSIDE"...mine inside should be beautiful...look at this thought

"Those who look to God are radiant,their faces are never covered with shame"...Psalm 34:5

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 2 - !!! DEZIRE !!!

I am not going to let this week go without doing something new.
To start :
1)This week i plan to finish a long awaited book "The Secret of Desire".
2)Got to continue the habit of getting up early-5 am and pray every morning this week.....

How beautiful is the idea of a fresh morning, a fresh beginning on Monday opening up the many possibilties thats there for this week.Oh how i love "beginnings"..

forgetting whats behind and striving for whats ahead"

oh this desire oh this beginning.......

heard this song quite a few times now ,just stuck to me how profound how true the words and how popular this song has become ...but does any1 take care to ponder on these words..these days does anyone take the lyrics of the songs seriously..

"kya paisa paisa karti hai , kyon paise pe tu marti hai,
ek baat bata de mujhko tu, us RAB se kyon nahin darti hai..

Movie- De Dana Dan-Akshay kumar singing to Katrina Kaif as she keeps pestering him for money..

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 1 out>>TGIF--Thank God its friday

As i think along of winding up my work for the week, this time when i click on the "shutdown" button on my system its going to be different than any other day in the week.Its friday.Everthought which would be ur fav day ,fav time, fav momemt in the week.For me its Friday,7 pm,"shutdown" moment.
Wow what a sweet time..aha aha....
Thank God its friday :)
sometimes i break into a song..and this time its this...

"when i get older ,i will be stronger,
they 'll call me freedom,
just like a wavin flag,
and then it goes back,and then it goes back,
oh ho ho....."...K'naan(football 2011 world cup theme song)

wow what a thought freedom like the waving flag--pride,joy,prestige all in that swing of freedom...
oh here it comes again...

when i get older..................

Day 1 in>>Mutability(change is inevitable)

Bethe bethe kya karna hai,
Karna hai kuch kaam,
Aaao chale apni story likhe ,
leke TIMEPASS ka naam.....:)
A Soldier on duty does not get tied up in the affairs of civilian life.He concentrates on carrying out orders.And atheletes cannot win the prize unless they follow the rules.Hardworking farmers shouldbethe first one to enjoythe fruit of his labour.Think it over.God will make it all plain.