Monday, October 13, 2014

Mere Brother Ki Shaadi Hai !!!

I am writing this on the advent of the emotional confusing occasion of my younger brother getting married. Happy ,Yes. Sad , No. Expression : Straight Face
Life right now to me is a trailer of the past. This trailer shows me and my brother in the limelight, the only two other people blinking are my parents. Well it seems not long ago this movie had a long run in my life as it would seem almost 21 years , till one hero left to scene to study further.....and then the younger hero followed to another planet....and finally the producers :) return back to their birth place.....To every sibling- "The Family" - movie brings mixed emotions, some might say am glad it ended early, and some like me would wish "Oh i Wish the movie went on..."! . 

 You see We grew up in the 19th century where Father is the head of the house-outdoor,mother the kitchen lady-indoor and siblings playing in the front yard breaking glasses-outdoor and indoor. Oh Deja Vu... Now get married in the 20th century, where Father,Mother are the head of the homes depending on availability and Grand maa/ House maid is the kitchen lady again depending on availability and siblings in their individual private rooms but hey they they are social networking--ofcourse depending on network and balance availability. 

 To the gen-Y couples, the worst advices are one that goes like..."In our days... 
The best ones seems to be the one that would say...STAY Married...till 21st generation comes up at least. 
And that's what i am to going to give to my brother on the advent of his Marriage Movie release. Anything more will be a flop... ....

 What advice would you like to give this gen X ??