Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 3-- FACIAL ??

Ever noticed Some ppl. after they take bath they look so fresh.Everything they wear looks clean too.:)..But as per my routine when i looked into my face today i found its downcast and looked black.Though i was wearing clean,it dint make a difference.:(

There are times when you see your face and you say "this is the best a man can get."
And then there are times when you scare yourself and wish you could see better.
Remember the days when being a hero in the school,getting a pimple (even a boy) was so embarrassing, add to that the kind of reasons ur "Smart friends" would give for your pimple...grrrr..

As the new Shahid kapoor fairness cream add says--"I spent 5 mint" on my face everyday....John Abrham will say "Take Care"..gariner...and Shah rukh will sheepishly say "Gora bannan kitna aasan"...

But now I dont CARE...i really dont..coz over the period , say after getting to know God and then myself, all that matters is what u r inside...And i do believe even real people see that and respect that....WHAT U R INSIDE"...mine inside should be beautiful...look at this thought

"Those who look to God are radiant,their faces are never covered with shame"...Psalm 34:5

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 2 - !!! DEZIRE !!!

I am not going to let this week go without doing something new.
To start :
1)This week i plan to finish a long awaited book "The Secret of Desire".
2)Got to continue the habit of getting up early-5 am and pray every morning this week.....

How beautiful is the idea of a fresh morning, a fresh beginning on Monday opening up the many possibilties thats there for this week.Oh how i love "beginnings"..

forgetting whats behind and striving for whats ahead"

oh this desire oh this beginning.......

heard this song quite a few times now ,just stuck to me how profound how true the words and how popular this song has become ...but does any1 take care to ponder on these words..these days does anyone take the lyrics of the songs seriously..

"kya paisa paisa karti hai , kyon paise pe tu marti hai,
ek baat bata de mujhko tu, us RAB se kyon nahin darti hai..

Movie- De Dana Dan-Akshay kumar singing to Katrina Kaif as she keeps pestering him for money..

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 1 out>>TGIF--Thank God its friday

As i think along of winding up my work for the week, this time when i click on the "shutdown" button on my system its going to be different than any other day in the week.Its friday.Everthought which would be ur fav day ,fav time, fav momemt in the week.For me its Friday,7 pm,"shutdown" moment.
Wow what a sweet time..aha aha....
Thank God its friday :)
sometimes i break into a song..and this time its this...

"when i get older ,i will be stronger,
they 'll call me freedom,
just like a wavin flag,
and then it goes back,and then it goes back,
oh ho ho....."...K'naan(football 2011 world cup theme song)

wow what a thought freedom like the waving flag--pride,joy,prestige all in that swing of freedom...
oh here it comes again...

when i get older..................

Day 1 in>>Mutability(change is inevitable)

Bethe bethe kya karna hai,
Karna hai kuch kaam,
Aaao chale apni story likhe ,
leke TIMEPASS ka naam.....:)
A Soldier on duty does not get tied up in the affairs of civilian life.He concentrates on carrying out orders.And atheletes cannot win the prize unless they follow the rules.Hardworking farmers shouldbethe first one to enjoythe fruit of his labour.Think it over.God will make it all plain.