Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 3-- FACIAL ??

Ever noticed Some ppl. after they take bath they look so fresh.Everything they wear looks clean too.:)..But as per my routine when i looked into my face today i found its downcast and looked black.Though i was wearing clean,it dint make a difference.:(

There are times when you see your face and you say "this is the best a man can get."
And then there are times when you scare yourself and wish you could see better.
Remember the days when being a hero in the school,getting a pimple (even a boy) was so embarrassing, add to that the kind of reasons ur "Smart friends" would give for your pimple...grrrr..

As the new Shahid kapoor fairness cream add says--"I spent 5 mint" on my face everyday....John Abrham will say "Take Care"..gariner...and Shah rukh will sheepishly say "Gora bannan kitna aasan"...

But now I dont CARE...i really dont..coz over the period , say after getting to know God and then myself, all that matters is what u r inside...And i do believe even real people see that and respect that....WHAT U R INSIDE"...mine inside should be beautiful...look at this thought

"Those who look to God are radiant,their faces are never covered with shame"...Psalm 34:5

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  1. Dude it seems ur "fair n handsome" didnt work.....i cd say in this way.......M happy what God has given to me....but m trying to make it better.......No one is bad inside...yaa we may not see that good things in them..............