Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Married for Life !!

Binu Thomas :
STAYED MARRIED July 7,2011 -to- dooms day !!

I would like this to be written top my Tombstone. Someone s listening!

Anyways ignore the prelude. Now for the body of the post:

1 week before my wedding day ;On my premarrriage counselling session i was asked (read warned ) with the first question "
"Why do you want to get married".

My first answer was coz i want to...
COunsellor said Next
second answer i am not asked to stay unmarried
COunsellor said Next
Third answer came Coz as bible says :Its better to marry than to burn in passion"..
It is now the counsellor stopped asking the question again.

What would have been your answer before u got married?
What wud be ur answer if u were asked this question now?

As for me -one who is 66 days young:) in marriage- i would say "Wow!!!i dint know i had so much of love in me until i got married.
As someone said " I need more spritual energy to love my wife than to preach to the whole world".True this is for me...

Whats your story !! Do comment