Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 2 - !!! DEZIRE !!!

I am not going to let this week go without doing something new.
To start :
1)This week i plan to finish a long awaited book "The Secret of Desire".
2)Got to continue the habit of getting up early-5 am and pray every morning this week.....

How beautiful is the idea of a fresh morning, a fresh beginning on Monday opening up the many possibilties thats there for this week.Oh how i love "beginnings"..

forgetting whats behind and striving for whats ahead"

oh this desire oh this beginning.......

heard this song quite a few times now ,just stuck to me how profound how true the words and how popular this song has become ...but does any1 take care to ponder on these words..these days does anyone take the lyrics of the songs seriously..

"kya paisa paisa karti hai , kyon paise pe tu marti hai,
ek baat bata de mujhko tu, us RAB se kyon nahin darti hai..

Movie- De Dana Dan-Akshay kumar singing to Katrina Kaif as she keeps pestering him for money..

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