Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Seen this add from Nokia:
(dint get the first line)............,
Passion and Presentation dont go hand in hand...
Now getting everything and not giving up anything go hand in hand..
Presnting you the new NOKIA________

WOW!! Boy, do i love those lines? Oh Yes I do:)
My passion in life is teaching and preaching.I have found it out..
Over a period of years what gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure is when i am teaching into peoples life.Oh what a fulfillment i get when i do that.
And with this i also testify that line:
"Passion and Presentation dont go hand in hand..."
I dont remember the day when i could present the lesson the way i had prepared it.

Always our passion for a thing supercedes the way we express it.
ANd a good way to find out what your passion is to see the things/areas where your Heart overtakes your head.That is what drives you,thats what pushes you,and that is your passion for life.And yes for starters i can tell you without Passion you are not living Life you are just bearing it...(see i got into teaching again...cant help,u see)..

on the last note :
Now getting everything and not giving up anything go hand in hand..

"forget it, things that you get without giving up anything does not hold a high price in your life, atleast for me it doesnt".....what say you??


  1. I think that last few lines are very true! one of my old teacher in school told me, dont teach for free, they will consider it worthless...make them pay for it they will cherish it.

  2. passion ka matlab toh i have not understood yet............ but yes ........ i do not like the hero honda passion........it just got a girlish 125cc no good engine.

  3. We need to have passion in life but more importantly a purpose in life. When we have a purpose in life we will certaily have passion to suppport it.