Friday, June 11, 2010

DAY 11 - FREEDOM !!!

"Freedom is my birth right and i will have it"
.....Bal Gangadhar Thilak

Working infront of a 15" inch desktop for 5 days* 8 hrs makes me sometimes question my freedom.All my life to just sit at one place and gaze and a monitor..CRazy!!wonder if any one got so much of my attention in my whole lifetime.If i had just given 1/1000th of this attention to a lady i would have got married by now:). But for now thank God for giving me imaginations (crazy most times) that are free.I mean wonder how many times have my thoughts roamed freely when physcially i am in front of this machine called computers.

Right now my mind is travelling to S.Africa.The worldcup fever has caught on me and i am loving it.Amazing how one "BALL" can bring the world together.Billions and millions of peoples eyes will be on the FOOTBALL for the next month.Phew!!! imagine if only the BALL knew it , it would lose its gravity and only fly in air... :)and never on the ground.Rightly for now the ball is inflated with air.:)
And yes i thank God for my nations indepenedence and then my souls independence.
If i were not free how would i think like this...

Surely Freedom is my birth right and I am having it.....

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