Sunday, June 6, 2010


I missed the FRENCH OPEN FINAL and so i missed RAfeeq Nadal playing...

HE WON HE WON HE WON but without me...WOnder how much he would have missed me :)
I would love talking about this guy..RAfeeq reminds me of the carton i used to watch and the song...

"Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai,
arre chadi pehen ke phool khila hai,phool khila hai".
.............doordarshan sunday 9 am.1990s

MOgli(the jungle boy)..i like this carton because this boy had a wild side to him.He did things what is in his heart with a passion and zeal.He would never give up and give his best ...and he was WILD at HEART.

Even Rafeeq NAdal is the same.HE IS WILD AT should see the way he would run after evry ball, grunt at some shots, and play some real wild shots without fear...

I have learnt to BE WILD AT HEART from these guys,i love it...try it ...BE WILD AT HEART...:)

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  1. he he..u remember even the time of "jungle book"..ya dat song reminds me of my sweet childhood..

    Wild at Heart..hmmm..guess we all have a wild heart though situations keeps it tamed most of the time..:)