Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 14 - WHAT THE CRY !!!

FIFA World cup is on, but to me its not living according to my expectation.Yesterday Brazil won at 01:30 hrs IST.Now thats too late i know, but my second fav nation to win world cup after Spain is Brazil,so... But all these matches are low scoring games and the teams who are lesser ranked are giving a fight to much ranked teams.....just makes me think how patriotism for a country can be so high on a sports field...

I saw this player form korea cry in front of the whole world while his national anthem was being played.I knew it would be on papers all around and it was.But this guy was the toughest player on field.He is known as "baby elephant" for his sheer power and force.But here he was overwhelmed by the occasion and could not hold himself from crying. What made this big bully cry..come on man u r a man u r supposed to be strong.-the world of men would say

That makes me conclude todays thought : REAL MEN CRY !!!
because i too cry and i have learnt from great men that they did shed tears over something that they were passionate for.i can expound this thought a lot more but for now let me just add PASSIONATE REAL MEN CRY :)


  1. hahaha.............. dat means i real am a passionate real man............ i have to cry once in two days:)

  2. Somehow i cant imagine how u will look like while crying..