Monday, June 7, 2010


Was thinking on what basis is one paid/not paid for ones job:

1) is it the time
2) the work he does
3) the person he is
4) for the sake of paying :(

Wondering where will i be paid the highest.Surely no. 3) the person I am..:)what about you?

And to think deep can anyone really pay me for who i am.I mean who can ascess my worth but the one who made me. I mean when we buy something we look at the pricetag sticked to it by the manufacturer, check the quality (ISO/ISI) and then pay it..

WHAT IS MY PRICE i worth bargaining for..If I am on the auction sale as in a freelance player(IPL style) what kind of people will buy me and for what kind of work....:(
Phew!! i know the answer...kind of funny and scary too...WHAT ABOUT YOU????

Thought extracted from Mark 8:37 --What can a man give in exchange of his life??

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  1. Nice blog.

    In this present age people are looking to earn as much as they can but they forget the interest of THE CREATOR who made them.