Monday, June 14, 2010

DAY 13 - CLOUDS !!

I dint blog yesterday.
And you wont believe how many people and friends alike were concerned and missing my post...........
Ans--> NONE....:(
But Sorry guys i cant disappoint you anymore i am back again with my blogging ways :)

"13" is not a unlucky for me.But the subject i chose CLOUDS is.
Thought dawned on me as i watched the continuous clutter of dark clouds that travelled over my head this sunday evening .I was taking a stroll in my roof when i saw this beautiful display of heavens playground.
Clouds moving from north to east with this steady blow of heavy wind..If you r in bangalore u wud know what weather i am talking about...As far as your eyes wud go u wud see clouds-big dark and heavy but being tossed from their place in matter of seconds and in minutes they are seen no more.And in all this there were short glimpses of the mighty sun in its background standing as if nothing mattered to him...The clouds were covering the sun for moments but then the sun never lost its patience it continued to be there.It didnt try to play hide and seek..As if the Sun is saying i have WIND on my side which wud take all you weak clouds to place where you would be seen more"

Reminds me of a SMS that i got days back...."Dont look and worry at the clouds that you see now but try to focus on the SUN that you see always" me that play in the heavens spoke to me a powerful truth that many books would have taken weeks to speak.

For now i got Clouds (read questions,doubts,uncertainities) over my life (head) but let me focus on the SUN (read Lord Jesus) who has got the wind (read POWER) on his side.And i will see the bright clear sky with the sun signing very soon.....Halleluiah!!
PS: Your comments on my CLOUDS are highly appreciated :)


  1. hmmmmmmmmm.............. u dont knw how dis guy manages to tok all the good wrds all the tym.......i mean can smone manage to tok all goodies all the time man!!!!.........anywez.......i do love the sunshine of fortunes and blessings only on my life and fortune............ and and no sunshine on my face........i prefer 24*7*12 rains for my country..............let the sunshine on those bloody whites...hehehe

  2. Nice blog. keep writing such good blogs

  3. Great u r slowly speaking like a poet..Good going..