Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 9 - CHECKMATE!!!

My blood group is O+ve. and i am always positive :) I see only the brighter things( not only the brighter side of things)..But then again Life is always bigger than an individual.And now i am in that place,where Life is winking at me.

To admit i am "checkmate" by Life.Any move i make from here without surety i will be danger of further trouble..Thank God life is not like a chess game..SO all i can do is wait for something to happen..circumstances to change,people and places to change, and hope in midst of all this that I dont change :(...

FOR now my blood group is still O+ve,and no one can change it :)


  1. hi bro... hehheee im also +ve i.e A+ve
    Bro. check out my blog
    & PLease comment

  2. Cool..My blood group is also O+ve..but like u i don't feel very positive all the time..but trying to be positive nowadays :)

  3. my blood group is a+ve................ so how on earth can i b +ve when i already am a +ve........ u get me naa......hahaha