Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 6 - DILEMMA !!!

I am very optimistic in all i think of.

BUt times when i am in a Dilemma between chosing the best among the goods.., thats where you got to see the negative side of your possibilties. Truly i wish someone would take all the decisions for me all thetime for all my life..:), life would have been so very simple task."JUST DO IT"--what ur Guide HERO tells you to do....And at the end if he screws it up blame him and let him face the brunt of your anger,depression..whatever..BUT ALAS!! consequences you have to bear...

Ever seen a juggler who juggles between many things(knife,bottles,balls,his eyes too:) with his 2 hands.One time he can have only 2 things in his 2 hands rest of the things he has to toss in the air.

Even life i believe throws at you many balls at one time and you got to decide which you got to keep in your Life at one time and which one you got to toss in the air for sometime ahead. The decision is difficult when you dont know what time you should throw the good one that is in ur hand to make way for the best one which is not in ur hand.

At every cycle you should be prepared and ready to cheerfully allow the good one to make way for the best one and then again the after some season the best one will become good to make way for a even better PLAY WELL :)

But for now i in a Dilemma...cant share but will dare to next time..:)


  1. Hmmm..well said and very true..Guess i need to learn to improve my juggling skills ;)

  2. BNew: Very New.. I never knew Bnew had so much to say (Hidden Talent)... I wonder how you could describe life in such a descriptive way, its true that life sometime blinds us and sometimes leaves me guessing at the balls that are thrown at me...
    Great thoughts, Keep it going:-)