Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 17- UNO !!!

Ever noticed why and how many time most celebrities in a TV interview say these 2 words "YOU KNOW"......You know...UNO..:(

You know i tried to use the same words intentionally in my talking to people but i was not comfortable because actually i found out the time i said "you know" was the time when actually "I dint know" what i was how is the listener supposed to know when i myself dont know what i am talking about..I mean you know and me know that there are smart people who will understand even what u dont speak but then, presuming that they know what even u dont know is know..

Now u must be wandering what this "nut" guy is trying to say here on the blog today ,does he really know or not?? actually you got me there...i really dont know what point i want to drive here..but it happens i guess when you have lost in touch with ur fans/followers for a long time and trying to put up the habit of blogging again..for now i feel like a celebrity who does not know but expects his fans to know..:)u know


  1. u know wat......... wat he says is rite....... i use U KNOW wn i actually dont know wat to say.......but thats the exact moment when v trust others to understand what v wanna convey............ so using U KNOW matters for the one who also uses U KNOW....hahaha

  2. Yes "U know" always works when we don't know how to express something..a very humorous post.keep up your good humor and blogging..enjoyed the post :)

  3. You know, I don't know much, but I know a little about 'you know'... learnt from your blog... Good One Boy.